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We offer more than just capacity, we offer a partnership. That means that we are ready to help you with on-boarding, support, and operations.

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Private Cloud

Flexibility and security in a dedicated environment. Determine your own performance and let us manage your operations.

ELITS Private Cloud

Another Kind of Support

Getting help will be simple.
Our customer portal is open 24/7/365, and full support during office hours is included.

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The greatest value of the cloud lies in the combination of people and technology. In that context, knowledge is an invaluable resource.

We have 10 years of experience in IT operations

ELITS is currently responsible for IT-operations for several major international companies, which gives us the skills and experience to meet high demands regarding performance and accessibility in the cloud. Our global operations and support services are designed to create concrete value for you as a customer. We guarantee quality that enables growth.

24/7/365 support is included

We are proud that our support is based on a global delivery model. It follows the sun and is always included in all our cloud solutions. This makes us unique in the market, but it also allows you to let our experts handle your support so you can focus on your business, not IT.

We help you all the way into the cloud

ELITS Cloud Services provides more than virtual hardware, we offer you a partnership. We keep you in touch all the way from selecting performance and capacity levels, to migration, to providing operational and management at the application/OS level. Our on-boarding includes training opportunities, time with technicians, and customer-specific customization of our services.

Full control over costs with MyELITS™

We know that one of the challenges of moving IT to the cloud is creating and maintaining transparency in costs. It can be hard to see unutilized resources and assess current costs. With our cloud services, you always have total control over costs.

MyELITS - On-Demand & Self-Service.

A portal that makes virtual infrastructure visible for the individual and creates an easy-to-use environment for business and IT departments.


All your IT-infrastructure at a glance.

With our cloud assistant, your designated users can configure, commission and manage your entire virtual infrastructure. You don’t need to place an order with us, but simply choose the resources you need for the moment. Our cloud assistant is of course adapted for both public, private, and hybrid structures. Getting away from the traditional ordering procedure (i.e. IT must receive an order, set up a request, and confirm back to the customer) enables immediate response times, which can streamline your entire business.

MyELITS provides

  •  Automation of your IT
  • Streamlined costs
  • Shortened lead times
  • Simple and powerful customization
  • All your IT-infrastructure at a glance