Cloud services keep you one step ahead

Increasing demand from users and customers is not just a challenge; it’s also an opportunity. Those of you who quickly adopt this new technology and realize its potential can accelerate away from your competitors. Take advantage of ELITS’s broad range of services and competence and get your new applications up and running fast.

CI/CD services

We help you define and set up the various components in your pipeline that are required to achieve efficient CI/CD delivery. The environment should have various test, verification and production environments along with the framework of tests that are unique to your needs. We collaborate with you in a series of workshops, after which we make our recommendations based on best practice and our own solid experience.

Application architecture and design  

The planning phase prior to building the application is critical. This is where we ensure that your application doesn’t just deliver the service you require; it’ll also be optimized so that you can maximize the benefits of the microsystem architecture.

Modern development services  

We build your new applications on your behalf or in collaboration with you. In a common design and specifications process, we set the right goals and realistic expectations. Using the Minimum Viable Product concept, we quickly achieve results that become a solid foundation for you to build on. To meet these demands you need modern development tools such as Python and GO.

Platforms for containers and microservices

Instead of virtualizing hardware as we have done for decades, we take virtualization to the next level: the operating system. With substantially smaller containers that are less resource-consuming, you get an architecture that is more dynamic, responsive and scalable. We help you set up a complete infrastructure that is adapted to your new environment.

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Jonas Thorsell

Jonas Thorsell
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