Saturday, March 30 at 20:30 to 21:30, local time, the world takes a stand for the planet during WWF's Earth Hour - the world's largest environmental manifestation. We at ELITS want the future to be bright!

What we do

During Earth Hour, March 30 (20:30 to 21:30), we encourage all employees and customers to participate in Earth Hour.

We encourage you to participate in Earth Hour by switching off and try new climate-friendly actions in daily life, both at work and at home. We also encourage you to show support for Earth Hour by turning off the lights in your personal profiles in social media. Simply take a picture of yourself in the darkness and upload as a new profile picture. Then share it with your friends and colleagues and help spread the word. Use the tags #earthhour, #connect2earth, #ELITS

Earth Hour has become an exciting evening by both children and grown-ups. There are many ways to make the evening extra cozy, fun and memorable. Here are some examples:

  • Switch off the lights at home and light some candles. Beeswax Candles are best from an environmental perspective.
  • Invite people to a dark party. Gather a bunch of friends or family and cook climate-friendly food.
  • Have a mindfulness moment. Meditate if you feel like it.
  • Take pictures. Bring your camera, maybe a friend, and go out and take before- and after photos.
  • Create light graffiti. You need a camera where you can set a slow shutter speed, and a flashlight or anything that shines. Instructions can be found on youtube.
  • Have candlelight dinner. Invite one or a few you love for a really nice dinner.
  • Find a date. (If you are single.) It is said to be climate smart to live together.
  • Twinkle twinkle. If it´s a starry night, stargazing can be an exciting activity. Contact an observatory near you to see if they are open.
  • Light a fire. Gather family and friends by the fire and tell stories. If the imagination is scant perhaps an audiobook is an alternative.

We are a company with environmental thinking also trying to influence other companies to take more responsibility for their environmental impact. ELITS support WWF, which makes our participation in Earth Hour is a matter of course.