We at ELITS are proud of each and every one of our employees. But once in a while, you feel extra proud of your co-worker's accomplishments. Today we celebrate the achievement of Luciano Patrao who has been awarded the title vExpert 2016 by VMware. Our most heartfelt congratulations Luciano! You are a true champion!

The vExperts get selected on the basis that they have demonstrated significant contributions to the VMware community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. The judges select people who are particularly engaged with their community and who develop a substantial personal platform of influence in those communities.

Congratulations on the achievement Luciano!
– Thanks! It a great honour to be selected by VMware. This has been a personal goal of mine and now its finally happened. I just hope that my contribution to the community has been of worth and that my colleagues feel the passion that put into my work. The fact there is only just over a thousand vExperts in the world makes this extra special. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everybody else that is contributing to the forums and discussions.

At ELITS we all know that creating a great customer experience is one the most effective tools when it comes to creating new and long-lived business relationships. So, how do you define “the best customer experience”? What added values do you fill these four words with? We at ELITS have our take on it; by empowering our employees and striving for a great corporate culture, we deliver the best customer experience. We can all agree that Luciano Patrao is a true champion of those values.

If you want to follow Luciano’s work you can do so here. Or get in touch with him directly here.