We at ELITS are proud to say that we have been certified as a Great Place to Work(R). –I think everybody already working within ELITS share the view and sentiment that we do have a unique culture and enjoy working here. But now we got the fancy seal of approval to show everybody else says Linda Rämsberg, HR Manager.

ELITS is very proud of this years employee survey:

94 % says ELITS is a great place to work.93% would recommend ELITS as a good employer to others.92% can recommend ELITS products and services.92% are proud to tell others they work here.95% thinks management is honest and ethical in its business practices.

The certification is based on the Great Place to Work Institute global standard for what characterises a great place to work. The assessment is based on 25 years of empirical research and analysis, combined with millions of employee surveys performed in over 50 countries.

It´s important to note that this certification is mainly based on our co-workers experience in regards to their jobs. This makes it different from other certifications like ISO 9000, which we also have, that primarily evaluate whether we have systems and processes in place for securing service and product quality
/Linda Rämsberg.

So if you want to work for a company that truly is a great place to work, please don’t hesitate to drop off your CV or or give us a call!

Bli en del av oss här på ELITS, och gör oss till ett ännu bättre Great Place to Work!