We have a unique and very simple business and delivery model that has been developed and refined together with our global customers.

Our ambition is to help you as a customer to work more effectively, and create transparency in the cost of IT. For this reason we have developed a business modell that aims at eliminating the negative aspects of the client/supplier relationship. The foundation of the model is a cost structure that eliminates hidden costs and create flexibility.

Total transparency in regards to cost

Within IT there are many business models that creates unnecessary and unwanted costs for the you as a client. With our model you pay for the actual costs for data centers, hardware, licenses and managed operations and support. The addition in cost is our margin in regards to finance cost, investments etc.

We become part of your business

Our delivery model is centered around your needs as a customer. Due to our global presence we can offer service and support on all hours of the day, every day of the year.

Working closely with you as a client, both in the physical world and in service delivery has proven to give substantial benefits, compared to more traditional models.

Welcome to ELITS – another kind of IT

With our model you pay for the actual costs for data centers, hardware, licenses and managed operations and support.

We offer skilled and certified IT consultants with a high level of
business understanding.

Our IT consultants are actively involved in your business. We put your needs first, regardless of whether you have strategic resource needs for strengthening your organisation or a specific project with demands for qualified IT personnel.

Our Consultants provide unique networking skills. We work closely with our clients to get a better understanding of each company’s unique needs, circumstances and preferences. With many years experience in the IT industry, we have an ability to work flexibly, proactively and efficiently. Our consultants have worked with and been responsible for advanced IT environments in large international companies. That leaves us with extensive experience in the procedures needed in order to deliver on a global level.

Free up resources through dynamic out-tasking.

We are experts in infrastructure and IT-management. With ten years experience of global IT-projects we have become specialist in project management and operations.

If you need resources with sophisticated tools to change and improve your IT, lets do it together. Let our knowledge become your knowledge, and the way forward.

With our out-tasking model you have the possibility to hand-over parts of your operation to our experts. We can manage slices of your IT for a period of time defined by you. This in turn will free up internal resources that can put to good use in high priority projects. You can manage, on a detail level, what part of the operations you want us to take over, and for how long. With total transparency in our business modell you don’t have to worry about how it will affect your operational costs.

Consume IT instead of buying infrastructure.

Increased demand on availability, flexibility and cost-save often brings complexity into transformation of IT. Security must be high, but at the lowest possible cost.

IT as a service means that you rent your IT, or at least parts of it as an outsourced function. We have extensive experience of delivering IT as a service, either tailored to your exact needs, or as a predefined package.

This is offered at a fixed monthly fee allowing for total cost control. With our flexible service packages you only buy what you need, when you need it. Let us take responsibility for your IT, so that internal resources become available to focus on your core business.

We take responsibility for your IT services.

Let our technicians manage your IT operations so that you can focus on your core business – not your IT environment. We guarantee operational services with high availability, designed to support your business.
For us, Managed Services is about letting someone with skills and experience manage IT operations, projects, planning, etc. so that you can focus on your core business.

We have experience in planning, project management, performing feasibility studies, procurement, operations management, migrating and retiring services. For us, Managing Services is about strengthening our clients’ organisations, so we guarantee service and staff with high availability that are dedicated to supporting your business.

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