IT Operations and Support

We understand change, we understand your needs

We take pride in the fact that our support and operational services are always based on long term relationships with you, the client.

This allows us to create a unique understanding of your business goals and allows us to focus on innovation and proactivity as the key-drivers in creating the best customer experience.  We at ELITS understand change, and we have made it our mission to come to grip with what is needed for you to be successful in an ever-changing market situation. Whether you are experiencing increased competitive pressure or shifting markets conditions you need to have the ability, capability and solutions in place to act quickly and decisively.

Welcome to ELITS – Another kind of IT Operations and Support.

Benefits of our IT Operations & Support

  • Complete cost control
  • Support that follows the sun, 24/7, 365
  • Increased availability & efficiency
  • A partner with a long term focus
  • Ten years of experience in global operations & support
  • Direct access to experts

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How to create a competitive edge in a digitised world

Everything around is getting more and more digitalised and connected. More and more networks are established between machines, people and the internet. This shift is creating entirely new digital eco systems with potential for higher productivity and profitability. To be able to navigate this new landscape, is a daunting task. In order to be competitive you need a dual perspective; one towards your business, and how to profit from the new landscape of digitalisation, and another towards a world of IT and trends that can deliver a competitive edge. This means you need individuals and technology that puts you one step ahead of the competition.

Cost segments of the global IT Market:

IT Services 25%
IT Hardware 24%
Software 21%
Telecom Services 30%

Operation and support that enables growth

Our global operation and support services are designed to make a sustainable difference for you, the client. We work closely with our customers to acquire the best possible understanding for their strategy and business goals. Today we are responsible for operations and support at several global companies, which has given us the competence and experience to deliver on high expectations, in regards to performance and availability.

IT and business are just two sides of the same coin

We understand that business and IT are just two sides of the same coin and therefore always implement efficient, flexible and innovative solutions. ELITS´ success lies within the fact that we, as a team together with you, dare to push the envelope and come up with inspiring, useful and business oriented solutions. Simply put, we make your IT work 24/7 365 days a year. Let our experts manage operation and support, so that you can focus on your core business, not IT.

We guarantee quality that enables you to grow.

Get a strategic and business focused analysis of your existing operations & support, and how they hold up to future needs.

General IT Operations and Support Assesment

We offer you an assessment that revolves around your business present and future needs within operations & support. At the same time we would like share with you how we successfully lowered the cost in operations & support for our existing Swedish and international partners.

Our analysis is based on ten years of extensive experience in global operations & support solutions. We offer the you the strategic details to maximise your current investments, as well as future needs. The main purpose of the analysis is:

  • Provide an overview of existing operations & support
  • Potential flaws in the solutions
  • Detailed report on processes, with recommendations for improvement.
  • Suggestion of service design for the future

The analysis is based on four simple steps; project initiation, execution, design/solution and presentation and hand-over of assessment. At the end the project we present our results in a workshop, and discuss the suggested improvements. The analysis is no form a binding partnership, and costs are only presented should you wish to implement suggested changes.

Welcome to ELITS – Another kind of IT Operations and Support.

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IT Operations & Support.

Are you ready to reach a higher level of efficiency and reduce cost structures?
We understand change, we understand your needs.

Cloud Services

Would you like to be able to scale your IT investment on a day-to-day basis?
We give you a Cloud solution that adapts to your needs.

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Data Storage Solutions

Enterprise Storage defined by you.

Enterprise storage has developed rapidly over the past years. Big data, IoT and cloud usage has sparked a shift towards different solutions. But whether its hyper converged infrastructure or software defined storage you still need a partner that you can trust to make storage simple. A partner that bring flexibility, responsiveness and efficiency to your storage solution.

Our global storage team handle over 8 petabytes of data, manage and support over 70 000 users, in over 100 000 different storage areas. So how do we make this happen? With presence on three different continents we have the ability to work closely with our customers and offer stronger security, greater agility and higher availability than traditional service providers. As we are present in nine locations all over the world we have the ability work locally, but act globally.

Welcome to ELITS – another kind of IT

We combine local usability, with global delivery

  • Global presence on three continents
  • Local presence in nine data centers globally
  • We manage and support 70 000 users
  • We manage over 100 000 storage areas
  • Our global storage team handle over 8 petabytes of data

Zero investment, more storage

With STaaS we offer you the possibility to scale your storage investment according to your present need, and together we adopt a solution that is best suited for your long-term business strategy. By adopting our STaaS solution you can shift your storage spend from a cap-ex to a transparent pay-as-go op-ex. This gives you the option to spend your capital on marketing or product development instead, increasing your business competitiveness.

We provide you with enterprise grade storage to support your business critical data. With ten years experience in the storage solution area we have become experts at designing storage that is tailored to your business. So are you ready to start lowering risk and reducing costs? Welcome to ELITS – another kind of IT.

A solution that support your business goals

  • Predictability in cost
  • Easy to scale up or down
  • No initial investment
  • Easy monitoring of usage
  • Economies of scale

Experts with ten years experience from storage solutions.

A need for more storage is usually a sign that your business is doing great, fantastic! But at some point, as your data volumes grow, you must take a time out and review your storage infrastructure. Are the solutions aligned with your present and future business goals? Are there issues with data migration? Do you have sufficient back-up and recovery? What are the consequences of a single point failure? Do you have a need for co-location? Maybe its time to minimise business risk, and increase ROI?

With ten years experience of storage solutions we have the experts available to transform your existing storage infrastructure into a business aligned solution. It doesn’t matter if you are start-up, expanding rapidly or managing international growth our consultant can provide support during any phase of your business. With our consultant services in primary storage, data migration, co-location, disaster recovery or back-up you get the experts your IT-function needs to future proof the business.

Qualified storage consultants

  • Experts with the years experience from storage
  • Combined understanding of both IT & business
  • We enhance your existing solution
  • Experience from global storage solutions
  • No hardware dependencies